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Our Technology

Here at Luminous Skin & Laser, we pride ourselves on using the latest technologies to meet the needs of our patients. We primarily use the following two machines for most of our treatments, if you would like to learn more check out the videos provided by the manufacturers listed below.

DF Machine

Pioneered by Dr. Des Fernandez and brought to you by Luminous Skin & Laser, we use DF technology to provide an unmatched, skincare experience. The following video will show you how the technology we use makes all the difference!

Lutronic's Clarity ll

Using Lutronic's new, intuitive design the Clarity 2 offers a quicker, more versatile and more efficient solution to hair removal.  With this technology, we are able to significantly reduce hair growth, for any skin type, in a painless and effective way.  Below is a video showing exactly how the Clarity 2 stacks up against the competiton.

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